Special Education
Research, Advocacy & Consulting


Soo Lee, Ph.D.(이현수 박사)
Special Education Consultant | Associate Project Scientist
SERAC | UCLA Center for Autism Research and Treatment

Dr. Soo Lee is an Associate Project Scientist at the UCLA Center for Autism Research and Treatment and the founder of SERAC. She received her Ph.D. in Human Development and Psychology in Education at UCLA and her B.S. in Psychology at UC San Diego. Dr. Lee conducts research with universities across the nation and leaders from Black, Korean and Latino communities to increase equity in access to autism information and services. She has experience conducting behavioral interventions, evaluating intervention quality of service providers, developing parent education programs on autism and coaching families of individuals with special needs. Dr. Lee’s company, SERAC, aims to provide high-quality, evidence-based information, independent facilitation and advocacy services to families. Languages Supported: English & Korean

How May I Help You?

발달장애 아동을 부모님들을 위한 특수교육 컨설팅

최신 연구에 기반한 정보를 제공합니다. 

IEP / IPP Meeting / Due Process Hearing Preparation

Individualized Education Program (IEP), Individual Program Plan (IPP), 심리검사 리포트 종합 검토와
분석, 아이의 발달 상황에 적합한 서비스 추천, 부모와
함께 IEP / IPP 미팅 / due process hearing 사전 준비

Attend Meeting Together / Coaching

IEP / IPP 미팅 / due process hearing을 부모와 동반
참석하여 교육구, 교사, regional centers 또는 변호사 사이에서 중재 및 부모 대변, 아이에게 필요한 서비스
요구, 교육구나 법정 통역에 문제가 생길 시 즉석 통역
제공, 필요시 부모를 위한 한국어 설명과 코칭

Follow-Up after Meeting

IEP / IPP 미팅 / due process hearing 후 부모에게
내용 개요 전달과 상담, 학교, regional center, 변호사, 서비스 제공자 등에 추가 요청 및 follow-up 서비스

New: Self-Determination Program

캘리포니아에서 시행하는 Self-Determination Program을 통해 Person-Centered Plan (PCP)과   Independent Facilitation (IF) 서비스를 제공합니다.